Kids Friendly Tokyo

Get yourself and your kids into a fun day in Tokyo!

As I am a mother of two boys, I know what it's like travelling with kids and babies. Here, I prepared 3 types of kids friendly tours.

These tours are considering about things listed below for you in advance.


-Small moving distance

-Where to take rest and change diaper

-Cozy restaurant welcoming kids & babies

-Paths for stroller


Selected destinations are fun for both kids and grownups. Children can play around in ease while grownups can satisfy their intellectual curiosity by hearing guide's explanation about Japanese history, culture, everyday life and what's coming in near future.


Also, I can tell you the situation to raise up a child in Tokyo. While we are together, please let me know the difference and similarity between your country. Let's exchange information of child care and widen our view!

The Lord of the Seas

Explore the island of Odaiba, the sea side city! You will be landing into the ancient  fort island, walk along the seashore and say hello to the android.

The Tower, the Temple and the Garden

Enjoy the panoramic view, traditional atmosphere and the elegant Japanese garden all in 1 day with the least moving distance!

Edo Fukagawa and the Steamer's Stone

Wonder into the old Edo period's downtown and the garden full of mysterious stones.