The Lord of the Seas Tour


This is a tour walking around the area of Odaiba. You can enjoy the city view, seaside walk and the exploration of the ancient fort.

*This tour is nothing to do with J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm just a fan of "The Lord of the Rings".


  • Tour time: 3-4 hrs

  • Tour price(including tax):24,000 JPY

  • Starting time: 930am or 1330pm

  • Finishing time: between 1230pm to 1330pm or 1530pm to 1630pm

  • Starting point: Yurikamome line Daiba station

  • Finishing point: Yurikamome line Odaiba Kaihin Kouen station

  • Number of guest: up to 5 people(including kid & baby)

*transportation/admission/meals are not included in the above rate. Please also pay the same for the guide while you are together.


  • Meet the guide at Daiba station, Yurikamome line.
  • Let's say hello to Odaiba's android receptionist.
  • Take a photo with the Statue of Liberty in Tokyo.
  • Stroll down the Odaiba Beachside Park and enjoy the waves and sands of the beach.
  • Enter the Odaiba Battery Park where you can feel the history of the ending of samurai ages. Your kids can explore around the island where it was used to be a fort.
  • Tour finish at Odaiba Kaihinkouen station.
  • Guide will tell you how to go to your next destination before saying goodbye.

*Odaiba is famous for kid-friendly district and everywhere is easy for stroller to move around. However, to enter the Odaiba Battery Park, guest need to climb up the stairs. You need to bring up your stroller by hand here.


  • a kid who is very active and wants to run around all the time

  • a kid who is eager to explore into bushes and behind the trees

  • a kid (and sometimes grownup) who likes to stick their feet into water and challenge the wave

  • a person who likes to see city scape 
  • a person who has interest in history and want to feel the hint of old-samurai ages