Art & Architecture Tour

If you are art & architecture lover, then here's your choice.

I will take you to commercial areas where if you just pass by, you may think it's one of the hustle & bustle city of Tokyo. But there are stories behind the scenery. There are rich meanings of the architecture, the geographical features of now & then, and the history of the revitalization. Then let's visit museum, gallery and public art together. Not only that I explain and guide about art & architecture, I would love to discuss what do you think about it. It's always great to walk around the city with someone with your same favor!


Guide Rate: 4hrs 40,000JPY 8hrs 70,000JPY

Special itinerary: +10,000 - 20,000JPY

Omotesando Harmony

Feel the harmony of unique architecture lining up the trendsetter's boulevard. Let's stop by at diverse galleries and appreciate the cutting edge art.

Deep Shibuya

Not only the famous Scramble Crossing, Shibuya has a deep and interesting stories, unique architecture, and hidden beautiful galleries.

Ginza Time Leap

We can time leap the history of Tokyo by appreciating architecture in Ginza.  All the cultural aspects are layered in Ginza, every gallery is superb here.

Daikanyama Authentic

With the partnership of the land lord Asakura Family and the architect Fumihiko Maki, Daikanyama became the unique town with a splendid city design which you can witness this only here in the world.

We will visit the traditional Japanese Mansion, the greatest Modernism Architecture, and the posh Life-Style-Suggestioning book store.

Fine Art Ueno

Fine Art lover, you can't miss Ueno, the cultural center of Tokyo. Let's explore the Tokyo National Museum and I'll tell you the beauty of Japanese traditional art. The architecture here is wonderful as well.

Contemporary Kiyosumi

Don't have time to go to Naoshima? Don't worry, you still have Kiyosumi area in Tokyo. Permanent collection of Yayoi Kusama, Tatsuo Miyajima and other Japanese contemporary artists works are waiting you there. The neigbourhood is full of local speciality with a hip twist.

Customized Art & Architecture Tour

If you have a long bucket list of art & architecture, please feel free to ask me and I'll customize the tour for you. We can reach out our legs outside of Tokyo as well.