Hi, my name is Haruka. Please call me Hal!

I’m a national licensed tour guide of Japan based in Tokyo. I took the license in 2017.

I'm a guide who is in love with 3As.

Art, Architecture, and Alcohol (which is mainly sake for me. I'm a sake sommelier as well.) !!


Why I became a tour guide of Japan

I grew up in New Castle, London, and Dusseldorf when I was a child. I’ve stayed in Europe for 10 years in total and went to International School. There, studying with friends from different nations, I learned if we respect each other’s background and try to understand about each other’s country, we can discuss in peace and come up with positive solutions to solve many problems.


Therefore, I started to have this aim in my life--- as I’m Japanese, I want to tell the charm of Japan to people all over the world! If we know each other’s culture and country, we could respect each other more and I believe that will be the first step to lead the world to a peace.

And travelling is the best time to do that! 

That’s why I became a tour guide of Japan. I am amazed with the rich and unique culture of Japan myself, so I want to share it with guests coming from over seas. I’ve been living around Tokyo for more than 20 years, and I am still fascinated with this "Changing is the Only Constant" city. I’m here to help you brighten up your trip by telling you stories behind the scenery!

What Kind of Guide am I?

Family Friendly

As I am a mother of two boys, I know how it’s like to travel with kids and babies. Too many things to research and get ready for... some of you might be already exhausted before your departure, right? But don't worry, you have me! I know where the changing tables are, which restaurants are kids friendly(and yummy at the same time) and how to move around with stroller in Tokyo. You and your kids can stay clean & comfortable while you are with me.

When grownups go out with kids, even if they are interested in historical site, they tend to set aside their curiosity and choose places where kids are going to be happy. But this choice may end up you waste your time looking vaguely on your smartphone while kids are running around you... that happens to me when I go to places that only attract kids.

You don't have to give up yourself like that while you are with me. I’ll try to satisfy both grownup's intellectual curiosity and kid's request to play around in my tour.

Architecture Lover

When you want to know deeply about Japan, let's check out our art and architecture. Especially about architecture, traditional wooden houses and tiny tea rooms will help you understand our fundamental culture. Western style mansions from 19th century will tell you how Japanese struggled to shift to modernized country from the samurai-ruled country. Unique contemporary buildings designed by world-famous architects will dazzle your eyes and makes the city look ever more wonderful. 

I fell in love with these architectures in Tokyo. You can learn many things there, from history, art and mentality of Japanese. I want to take you to see architectures I love and hope you will like them too!

No Drinks, No Life

For me, drinking sake, beer, or whisky-soda after walking around is one of the delight moment of the day! I'm always looking for a nice brewery where you can have a superb drink with a tasty food. It's exciting when I come across with an excellent drinking place which is kids friendly as well!

I can recommend those nice eateries with a good sake-tasting place where you can relax after the long sightseeing day in Tokyo.