The Tower, the Temple & the Garden Tour


This is a tour enjoying the essence of Tokyo with kid in 1 day. Though baby is always welcome in our tour, you can enjoy this tour the most when your kid is over 2 year old. We will be going through the business district with limited baby's facility.

*This tour is nothing to do with C.S.Lewis. I'm just a fan of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".


  • Tour time: 6-7 hrs including lunch

  • Tour price: 30,000 JPY

  • Starting time: 930am

  • Finishing time: between 1530pm to 1630pm

  • Starting point: JR Hamamatsucho station

  • Finishing point: Tokyo Tower

  • Number of guest: up to 5 people(including kid and baby)

*transportation/admission/meals are not included in the above rate. Please also pay the same for the guide while you are together.



  • Meet the guide at the JR Hamamatsucho station

  • Stroll around the neat & cozy Shiba-rikyu Garden, where kids can enjoy small adventures such as crossing over the stepping-stone bridge, climbing up & down small hills, and searching the best spot to view the trains and shinkansens running just close to the garden.

  • Slip into restaurants where local business people goes. Let's eat what ordinary Japanese have for lunch in their everyday life. 

  • Soak yourself into a dignified atmosphere of Zojo-ji temple with 600 year old history. Hundreds of stone statues awaits for you.
  • Enjoy the superb 360 degrees city scape from the Tokyo Tower's observatory. Glass floor is always popular for kids to jump on!

  • Finish the tour at the exit of Tokyo Tower. I'll tell you how to go to your next destination before saying goodbye.

*Please bring your baby carrier if you are with kids-on-toe. Stroller may go through all the way in this course, but to enjoy the most inside Shiba-rikyu garden and Zojo-ji temple, changing into baby carrier is recommended.

*To reach the Tokyo Tower, we need to climb up a steep slope.

*Since the area is for office workers, even shop's people are welcoming kids, most of the restaurants doesn't offer kid's chair nor kid-size cutlery. Thank you for understanding the circumstance in advance.


  • a kid who is thrilled with high height

  • a kid with adventurous spirit to step into the old feudal lord's garden and the ancient ruins of temple

  • a kid who is transportaion-crazy(especially rails)

  • a person interested in history
  • a person who wants to relax in the greens

  • a person who like to know the feature of the city by looking from bird's view

  • a person who wants to see old and new in one sight(which is a scenery typical of Tokyo)