Edo Fukagawa & the Steamer's Stone


This is a tour to visit the museum bringing back the days of old-Edo city and the Japanese garden famous for unique stone settings which was owned by a mail steamer company.

*This tour is nothing to do with J.K.Rowling. I'm just a fan of the "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".


  • Tour time: 4-5 hrs including lunch

  • Tour price: 26,000 JPY

  • Stariting time: 930am

  • Finishing time: between 1430pm to 1530pm

  • Starting point: Kiyosumi-Shirakawa station

  • Finishing point: Fukagawa Edo Museum

  • Number of guest: up to 5 people(including kid and baby)

*transportation/admission/meals are not included in the above rate. Please also pay the same for the guide while you are together.




  • Meet the guide at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa station

  • Let's search for the precious garden stones placed here and there at the Kiyosumi Garden. Turtle and carp in the pond are always the favorites of kids!

  • Take lunch at the Sumida riverside restaurant. The view of the elegant blue Kiyosu bridge and delicious craft beer on tap is waiting for you.

  • Wonder into the Fukagawa Edo Museum. The old townsmen alleyway is perfectly alive in front of you, and everything is allowed to touch, step in, and play with. The whole museum is the big play house of the samurai period!
  • Finish the tour at the exit of Fukagawa Edo Museum. Guide will tell you how to go to your next destination before saying goodbye.


  • a kid who loves to play pretending as a shop-person, a chef, a sailor, a cafe-master and so on. (In here, it's rice shop, tempura-stand, wooden river taxi, and green tea cafe.)

  • a kid who could forget time by just gazing at lovely turtle and carp

  • a kid who can go into a story of the mysterious stone hunting adventure

  • a person interested in old Japanese way of living
  • a person interested in history
  • a person who is worried about rainy weather(kids can play inside the building in this tour.)