Museums in Tokyo

Museums in Tokyo · 23. July 2018
This was the first time I thought “Ahh, how tiny and cute you are!” to samurai. I bet you'll feel the same when you enter the solo-exhibition of Tetsuya Noguchi “Love from Medieval” at POLA MUSEUM ANNEX in Ginza.
Museums in Tokyo · 20. July 2018
I felt like I've dived into the raged sea with maelstrom when I stood in front of this traditional folded screen painting. This is one of the highlights of the exhibition “Depicting Water” at Yamatane Museum of Japanese Art in Yebisu, neighborhood area of Shibuya. It shows us from Hiroshige's wood-block printings 200 years ago to contemporary works of Hiroshi Senju. All works have subject of water scenery such as rain, river, waterfall and waves by famous Japanese painters. I highly...